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To significantly reduce the risk when looking to go into business, it has been proven time and again that it is a prudent decision to purchase a quality ongoing business rather than take the risks associated with starting up a new business. More than 50% of all start-ups have been shown to fail while over 90% of business purchases are successful if purchased and operated properly.


At Sunbelt, we provide buyer services for individuals, corporations, private equity groups, and other investors seeking acquisition opportunities. While we can tailor our services to your specific needs, the typical “buy-side” engagement proceeds in the following manner:


Development of an Acquisition Strategy


We assist our clients with the development of their acquisition plans and strategies. Specific examples may include the development of a “roll-up” or “consolidation” strategy, a diversification strategy, etc.




We assist our clients in developing valuation models and setting expectations in terms of earnings multiples that will likely be paid for acquisition candidates.


Acquisition Search


We will coordinate the process of targeting possible acquisition candidates including contacting and screening opportunities. This process may be coordinated with Sunbelt’s offices throughout the world to provide our clients with a comprehensive, international search process.


Acquisition, Negotiation And Execution


Once we have identified an attractive and viable acquisition opportunity, we assist our clients in negotiating and structuring the acquisition and coordinating the activities of our clients’ legal, accounting and tax advisors.




When required, we can assist clients with identifying financing sources for their acquisitions.Buying a business can be a time consuming and learning experience. The following would be some guidelines for your journey:


1. Be sure that the business you are looking for matches up with your skill set.


2. Be sure you understand how businesses in various industries are valued.


3. Be realistic about how much capital you have to invest in a business and remember to keep funds aside for operating capital.




Buyer Profile and Confidentiality Agreement


A Buyer Profile and Confidentiality Agreement are required by our Sellers to ensure that the potential buyer is financially able to purchase the business and to ensure that the potential buyer keeps all the information confidential, and does not contact the Seller's employees, vendors, landlord or staff. If you are interested in receving further information on any of our listings you can simply download and complete the following folowing:









Why Buy a Bus

Always Find Out Why a Seller wants to Sell

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