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Petland is our Specialty

With multiple closings over the last 5 years Alan Horwitz and his team are uniquely  qualified to represent the sale of single and multiple Petland locations. Let us be your 'Petland Sales Counselor's' when it comes to retirement or transition.  As an entrepreneur like yourselves, Alan and his wife came very close to purchasing a Petland  location in 2016. Through our personal due diligence we are uniquely qualified to understand the strength of the Petland franchise and all that it means to the franchisees and franchisor.


Alan has specialized in selling businesses valued at over $1m for over 20 years and has owned and operated various franchises. Our firm is extremely sensitive to keeping the sale confidential and we offer services that are unsurpassed in the business brokerage industry. No local broker understands how to sell a Petland like we do. Let us explain to you why. Due to the 2020  COVID bump in sales, NOW is the time to consider selling if you want to optimize the value of your Petland.


Feel free to contact Alan for a private consultation to discuss -  or Text Alan Horwitz at 702-997-5453

How We Achieve the Asking Price

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1. The first step is to complete a formal Opinion of Value that can stand up to a lender or appraiser. This ensures that we can offer the business for the highest price and be confident that when we find the right buyer that we can be sure that we can finance and close the transaction.

2. The next step is to write a detailed Confidential Business Review that will answer the buyer's questions and stand up to scrutiny with financial advisors, lawyers, CPA's and lenders.  You work with us hand in hand during this process.

3. Our unsurpassed advertising ensures that we find the right buyer, that they are financially qualified and that they enter into a Confidentiality Agreement prior to ever finding out the confidential information or even the address of your location. With your help, we ensure that we are all comfortable with the buyer prior to accepting an offer as it is important that Petland Corporate will agree.


When it comes to Petland, the buyer must not just qualify financially, but must be a good fit for the franchise and Petland system.



Sunbelt and Petland

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Both Sunbelt Business Brokers and Petland are the largest and most professional in their specific industries. 

With over 200 offices worldwide Sunbelt Business Brokers has access to a huge pool of qualified buyers and understands how to take the transaction from beginning to end. We are experts in working with Sellers, Buyers, CPA's, Lawyers, Lenders, Escrow Companies and Advisors.


Timing is Everything

Considering a Sale in 2021 is something you really need to consider for the following reasons:

1. Valuation of your Petland is at an all time Peak due to COVID.

2. The Franchisor expects 2021 to meet or exceed 2020

3. Due to COVID, financing opportunities exist that have never existed before

4. Lenders are able to utilize a 90% government loan guarantee program and are extremely flexible in approving deals.

5. The market has more buyers than in prior years as people are reconsidering their future based on the changes to the workplace that took place in 2020.

6.  Banks are giving Pre-Approvals based on the businesses results to allow.

7. Lenders s are not requiring a Seller Carry/Financing Portion of the sale.


 2021 gives you a Unique Opportunity to Cash Out 100% at Closing!


Marketing, Financing & Managing Taxes

No Company other than Sunbelt can Advertise the Opportunity on as many sites or reach as many buyers. Not only do we control Confidentiality, but we Pre-Screen all interested parties and give the qualified buyers a summary package on your business that is unsurpassed by any other brokerage.

If we take your listing we do it knowing that we can help with financing. Not only do we have our own financing department but we work with the best in the business all over the country.  We can't get you to the closing table if we can't get the buyer financed.

When it comes to taxes we do all that we can to ensure that the purchase price is allocated to benefit the Seller. We always represent the Seller and to avoid any conflict of interest, we never represent the Buyer. This clearly separates us from other brokerages and ensures that we work for you.


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Capital Gains Tax Rates are going up!

 Consider Selling when they are at 20%

Contact Alan Now!

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