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Alan Horwitz P.C. ; State of Nevada Business Brokerage License# BUSB013 State of Nevada Real Estate License# BS54316.PC

Alan Horwitz PCNV Business Broker BUSB.013NV License BS.0054 316.PC

Our marketing strategy is tailored to your individual business and is often dependent on the level of confidentiality required. We will:

  • Prepare a blind Ad (Teaser Profile) for your approval with a focus on Confidentiality
  • Our customized approach enables precision prospect targeting
  • Our national footprint allows us to position a local, national, and international set of potential buyers
  • With larger transactions, we will create a target buyer list by utilizing our Strategic Buyer and Private Equity Group databases as well as our internal database of more than 100,000 Buyers. If appropriate, we will launch a direct outreach campaign that positions the opportunity to specific decision-makers
  • Carefully target strategic, financial, and executive-level Buyers
  • Post the blind confidential teaser on up to 50+ nationally selected businesses-for-sale websites
  • Leverage our Broker Network and the Largest Private Business for sale website in the industry with
  • We often Market directly to Private Equity Groups and other investment professionals