Alan Horwitz P.C. ; State of Nevada Business Brokerage License# BUSB013 State of Nevada Real Estate License# BS54316.PC

Alan Horwitz PCNV Business Broker BUSB.013NV License BS.0054 316.PC

Our marketing strategy to sell your business is tailored to your individual business and is often dependent on the level of confidentiality required. We will:

  • Prepare a blind Ad (Teaser Profile) for your approval with a focus on Confidentiality
  • Our customized approach enables precision prospect targeting
  • Our national footprint allows us to position a local, national, and international set of potential buyers
  • With larger transactions, we will create a target buyer list by utilizing our Strategic Buyer and Private Equity Group databases as well as our internal database of more than 100,000 Buyers. If appropriate, we will launch a direct outreach campaign that positions the opportunity to specific decision-makers
  • Carefully target strategic, financial, and executive-level Buyers
  • Post the blind confidential teaser on up to 50+ nationally selected businesses-for-sale websites
  • Leverage our Broker Network and the Largest Private Business for sale website in the industry with
  • We often Market directly to Private Equity Groups and other investment professionals