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Timing is Everything. Private Equity Firms and Strategic Buyers are Active!

Because of SUNBELT’s large office network, we are well-known in the middle-market acquisition community and remain in constant contact with active middle-market investors. Due to the unique nature of mergers and acquisition firm, all middle-market clients have the opportunity to work closely with an experienced team of business intermediaries, many of whom have previously owned or managed their own middle-market companies and are experienced in the process of bringing middle-market opportunities to the marketplace.

We continue to find high-quality strategic buyers and Private Equity Groups for our sell-side clients. Strategic buyers often place the highest value on your company, but private equity firms are strategic when they look for add-on acquisitions to their existing portfolio companies. We can find the greatest number of strategic buyers and private equity groups who will pay more because we research – identity and blindly contact all obvious known industry buyers and not-too-obvious, unknown, or related industry buyers and industry known and unknown buyers abroad. And once we identify and discreetly contact the right set of strategic and private equity buyers, we stay committed and work until our client receives the best fit and the best price for his or her company.

No other M&A firm in Las Vegas, Nevada or anywhere in the United States makes a market for their client companies the way we do. We market your company directly to a high number of targeted buyers, primarily in the U.S., and also overseas with the proper confidentiality and secrecy controls in place. The marketplace for growing companies has never been stronger. Our expertise in selling service, distribution, and manufacturing sector companies.

Selling your middle market company is substantially different from selling a “main street” business. You owe it to yourself and your shareholders to understand the differences between M&A firms and their services. Our Las Vegas practice provides a range of specialized professional services to middle-market companies that most business brokers or small office M&A firms simply cannot match.

These high-level services are typically found in much larger Mergers & Acquisition firms and investment banks that charge very large up-front fees. At SUNBELT, we believe that our compensation should be primarily success based. Because of that, you will not be pitched to pay a $25,000 packaging fee/ Rather, you will work closely with an experienced broker whose income is dependent upon their ability to properly package, market, and sell your company. Our financial success is directly tied to meeting your expectations.

Middle market companies with revenues from $2 million to $75 million, which comprise our core M&A work, need and deserve the same level of service that large firms can access. Therefore, our selling process is very similar to what you may expect from a large investment bank. Valuation, packaging, marketing, negotiation, transaction management, and managing expectations are all key elements of a successful transaction. We understand that “It’s not what you get, it’s what you get to keep” By working side by side with your professional advisors, we help you achieve a transaction structure that meets your goals and objectives.

Here are the 4 essential keys to getting a deal done:
Right Timing. If you see your business doing well over the next 6-24 months, it’s the right time to sell. As the economy and your company continue to improve – and the outlook is positive – that’s the right time to sell. Buyers focus on the expected future return your company will provide.

A Motivated Seller. Deals get done when the seller is committed to the process and to the goal of finding and closing a transaction with the right buyer. Seller dedication and enthusiasm are critical.

Multi–Channel Marketing. Global reach in a variety of channels ensures your company receives the attention it deserves wherever there are desirable buyers.

A Confidential, Competitive Bidding Process that Drives Up Price. When buyers compete, you win! Sunbelt is driven to get you the best deal the market has to offer. We deliver a range of attractive deal options to our clients.

Larger businesses that have over $1M and up to $10M in EBITDA are often valued and marketed in a completely different way than the traditional main street business broker is trained in. As experienced Mergers & Acquisition Brokers in Las Vegas Nevada we can offer services and experience, unlike any other local business broker. The following are some of the differences that are normally found in larger transactions.

  1. Larger transactions are not normally marketed to the general public.
  2. Larger transactions are normally taken on a longer listing agreement. It often takes months to prepare the company for sale and make the necessary changes that will affect the final value.
  3. Valuations are much more complicated at the higher EBITDA levels
  4. Confidentiality Agreements and Profiles are pre-approved by the client and are specific to the opportunity being marketed.
  5. Gathering the information for the Opportunity Summary is often spread among many individuals within the company and can take months to gather.

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