Alan Horwitz P.C. ; State of Nevada Business Brokerage License# BUSB013 State of Nevada Real Estate License# BS54316.PC

Alan Horwitz PCNV Business Broker BUSB.013NV License BS.0054 316.PC

Alan Horwitz P.C. Sunbelt Business Brokers Why We Are the Clear Choice in Las Vegas:

  • Our Local Las Vegas Office "Exclusively" Represents Sellers
  • Our Fiduciary Responsibility to the Seller means No Conflicts of Interest, Unlike Our Competitors
  • Alan Horwitz has over 30 Years Experience and has led the Office in Sales over the Last 20 Years
  • Sunbelt's Proprietary Valuation and Selling Systems are far Superior to Other Brokerages
  • We are Committed to Protecting Confidentiality with Strict Systems in Place
  • The Las Vegas Office Specializes in Transactions Valued from $1M to $50M
  • Sunbelt is the Largest Business Brokerage in the Country with a National Reach
  • Sunbelt Business Brokers Sells the Most Businesses in the Country
  • Our Local Team includes An In-House Attorney, Industry Analysts and Experienced Advisors

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Our Proprietary Business Sales Process

Sunbelt’s Proprietary Process Below Ensures that we Maximize the Sales Price while Maintaining Confidentiality and Facilitating a Smooth Transaction

Licensed to Complete Asset & Stock Sales for Businesses with Yearly Revenue under $250 Million

Our Proprietary 10 Step Process Below Ensures that we Maximize the Sales Price While Maintaining Confidentiality & Facilitating a Smooth Transaction

Sunbelt is the World’s Largest Business Brokerage

Some of Our Larger Las Vegas M&A Transactions

Sold using a mergers and acquisitions process, which is a more sophisticated and confidential process focused on targeted buyers

Some of Our Small to Medium Size Las Vegas Transactions

Sold using our proprietary sales process where we only represent the seller, justify the price and ensure confidentiality


Using Sunbelt can Bring True Value & More than Pay the Entire Commission!

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Buyer Services

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Why Now is The Time to Sell

Seller: No upfront fees

We Get Paid when You Get Paid, At Closing!


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Stock Sales vs Asset Sales

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Preparing for a Sale

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Due Diligence - Prepare Now

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Common Seller Questions

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Steps to a Successful Sale

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What is My Business Worth?

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Common Buyer Questions

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