Alan Horwitz P.C. ; State of Nevada Business Brokerage License# BUSB013 State of Nevada Real Estate License# BS54316.PC

Alan Horwitz PCNV Business Broker BUSB.013NV License BS.0054 316.PC

We facilitate the Due Diligence process while maintaining confidentiality using various secure online folders to transfer information that does not allow the buyer to alter or delete any of the documents. We also communicate with the various lenders or buyer advisors to supply the needed information. If we feel that a request is inappropriate, we will ask the Seller to determine the appropriate action. We also help in the following ways:

  • We control the information flow and review all data before giving access
  • We control the security and access of all data
  • We can help the buyer with lender sources and work directly with the lenders, underwriters, closers, and the lender’s attorneys
  • We act as a conduit to make sure due diligence is completed efficiently and on a timely basis