Alan Horwitz P.C. ; State of Nevada Business Brokerage License# BUSB013 State of Nevada Real Estate License# BS54316.PC

Alan Horwitz PCNV Business Broker BUSB.013NV License BS.0054 316.PC

Steps to Selling Your Business

Initial Consultation
– Discuss your goals, objectives and motivation for selling your business
– Discuss the market and what Buyers are expecting

Provide Preliminary Information About Your Business
– To  help analyze its current value, strenghts and weaknesses

Detailed Discussion of Business
– Discuss benefits of Sunbelt Business Brokers representation and the process of selling a business
– Review the benefits and costs of a business appraisal -Discuss information required to complete a valuation analysis

Complete Valuation of Your Business
– Provide Sunbelt Business Brokers with required valuation information
– Develop a value that maximizes your selling price and can be justified to the Buyer

Discuss Valuation Results
– Sign Representation Documents-Agree on asking price for your business
– Review typical marketing plan-Sign Duties Owed and Agent Relationship
– Leave Seller’s Disclosure Statement, Furniture Fixtures and Equipment List and summary of all required documents for submission as soon as possible

Complete Confidential Business Summary/Memorandum
– Seller supplies crucial information about the business
– Sunbelt Business Brokers will develop a business summary for your business-Review and sign off on the summary and valuation

Implement Marketing Program
– Implement active marketing plan, including Internet and newspaper advertising

Screen and Manage Buyers
– Show Business -Prospect(s) complete Buyers profile, confidentiality agreement and net worth statement
– Sunbelt Business Brokers schedules a tour and introduces potential buyers for your business

Write Purchase Agreement and Negotiate an Acceptable Offer
– Facilitate an agreed upon price between Buyer and Seller including earnest money deposit

Schedule Buyer Due Diligence
– Arrange for an in depth review of all financial operating results and confirmation of all balance sheet assets included in sale
– Obtain Buyer preliminary contingency releases and approve Authorization to Close

Open Escrow
– Escrow agent conducts searches and drafts closing documents
– Review completed documents with your Broker
– All remaining contingencies i.e. lease, franchiser approval and third party financing are satisfied

Manage Closing Process
– Complete all lease assignments, title searches, franchise agreements and documentation
– Buyer and Seller sign documents, Seller receives payment and pays broker
– Seller trains Buyer in the operation of the business