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SERVICES   See How We Add Value to Your Transaction

A business broker can easily pay their own commission with the addtional value they ad. If representing a Seller we ensure that the asking price is fully justified. That is why we average a closing at 90% of asking price or higher. If representing a Buyer on a business offered by another broker, we can apply the same valuation techniques to ensure that you pay a fair price.


Las Vegas Business Broker value



If a seller trys to sell a business on there own, there are many errors that can cause them to either fail, or sell the business for less than its true value. Many unprofessional business brokers tease sellers by suggesting the value of their business is higher than what it can really be sold for. Those brokers later require the seller to lower the price to create more buyer interest. A quality business broker will give the seller 3 choices that they can justify - The highest price they feel the business can sell for over a longer period of time, the lowest price it should sell for and a recommended price based on the needs of the seller and the business itself. If your broker does not use your financial statements to create a formal valuation that can be justified to a buyer, you should be very concerned.


1. FORMAL VALUATION OF THE BUSINESS and/or APPRAISAL We prepare a third party Cash Flow & ROI analysis to specifically justify the highest possible asking price. We also ensure that you are not underpriced or overpriced so that you can accomplish your goal of selling your business.


2. MAXIMIZE AND JUSTIFY THE SELLING PRICE We utilize tools such as Analysis Software, Comps, Business and/or Land Appraisals, Detailed Demographic Information etc. A key to selling a business for the highest price is being able to justify the selling price in a way that is understandable by a buyers advisor.


3. PREPARE INFORMATION NEEDED FOR THE SALE Lease review, Lease transfer and Sub-lease requirements, Tax returns, FF&E Details, Franchise Agreement, Review of Asset Allocation issues. It must get through due diligence to be able to close escrow and we begin that process prior to even taking the listing.


4. PREPARE BOUND PRESENTATION Goal of Answering Key Questions so that Buyer will want Meeting with Seller. We focus on Upside Potential, Business Details and Defending the businesses defects.


5. MARKET THE BUSINESS FOR SALE Your ad will appear on over 125 National Business for Sale Internet Sites, Newspaper Sites, Street Journal, etc. We utilize National and Las Vegas Buyer Pools. The goal is to generate many buyers and not just one buyer.


6. SCREEN BUYER PROSPECTS All potential buyers sign a non-disclosure statement and are screened for the ability to purchase the business.


7. ANSWER THE QUESTIONS ALL BUYERS ASK Why are they selling? How do they justify the price? Is the income verifiable? What is the upside potential? Is the seller willing to carry or is financing available? Will it pay me a fair salary & still pay the debt service?


8. SHOW THE BUSINESS Prepare Seller for all Meetings with Pre-Screened Buyers.


9. ASSIST IN NEGOTIATIONS AND HELP WITH PURCHASE AGREEMENT We are Licensed to Sell Business in Nevada Representing Your Interests as the Agent for the Seller Only. We handle all Negotiations which are often Detailed & Confidential. We can refer you to the most reasonable and competent local attorneys and other professionals as needed.


10. ASSIST IN DUE DILIGENCE Contingency Sign Offs, Timing Issues, Franchisor and Landlord Issues


11. ASSIST IN FINANCING Qualify Business & Buyer, Promissory Note Terms, SBA & other sources


12. ESCROW & CLOSING Review Escrow Docs, UCC Searches, Escrow Instructions, Notes, Loans, etc.


13. ORDERLY TURNOVER PLAN Help with Licensing, Tax Bonds, Utilities, Business Services, Banking, Entity Formation, Accounting, Legal Services, Insurance, Franchise Requirements, Training Plan etc.



OUR COMMISSION is based on the Selling Price of your Business with No Upfront Fees and No Commission Paid Until Close of Escrow. 12% on a business selling for up to 1 million dollars and 10% or less on larger transactions.




Planning is important to selling your business for the price and at the time you want to retire or sell.


If you are even considering selling in the next 3 years you should make an appointment to discuss your plans.



If you strategize in advance you can easily add value to your business. For instance, a business has more value if there is a manager in place that is able to completely run the operation. Often, this manager can be considered an add-back when computing the businesses value yet it opens the business up to a larger pool of buyers.






At Sunbelt of Las Vegas we are prould of our results. Our systems are unsurpassed and no broker markets their listings to the extent that our office does. We have a history of selling a large portion of our listings for close to or at asking price. 

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